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Getting Here

There are numerous ways to get to the Airport in the Sky to visit the DC-3 Gifts & Grill. Once you exit the City of Avalon or the town of Two Harbors, you are on private, Catalina Island Conservancy owned land.  Below are some tidbits of information and links to make getting here easier.


Although hiking on Conservancy-owned land is free*, a hiking permit is required. The terrain on Catalina Island is quite different from most southern California locations.  The land rises steeply out of the ocean, and while this affords some amazing views, it can be a bit more challenging that most people realize.  It is extremely beneficial to become familiar with a map of the island and the terrain in the area you plan on hiking.  You may get hiking permits from the Conservancy Trailhead in Avalon, Visitors Services in Two Harbors, the Tower at the Airport in the Sky or use the hiking permits link below.

Hiking on Catalina - General Information

Hiking Permits

For those of you who would prefer to enjoy the hiking and camping experience without the hassles of carrying heavy gear, get in contact with the staff from Catalina Backcountry.  They will assist you by coordinating transportation of your gear, answering questions about the Trans Catalina Trail, and reserving campsites on the island.

*To help offset the cost of maintaining the trails & signage, the Catalina Island Conservancy is requesting a $3 donation with the issue of each hiking permit.  This donation is at your discretion - if you can offer less, equal to, or more, it is appreciated.


Biking is another great way to see Catalina Island's majestic views and gorgeous canyons - a Freewheeler Bike Pass is required, which is a benefit of membership and helps support the Catalina Island Conservancy.  

Freewheeler Bike Passes


Shuttle Bus (to and from Avalon)

The Wildlands Express offers regular service in between Avalon and the Airport-in-the-Sky. This is a great way to access our location because it allows you time to eat, shop, watch private planes land, and enjoy the Nature Center. If you want to really experience the interior of the island,  plan enough time to hike the Airport Loop Trail, which is about 2 miles in length and generally takes about 1 hour and 15 minutes to hike. 

The Shuttle Bus runs daily.  Please call 310-510-0143 for hours and reservations.



Shuttle Bus (to and from Two Harbors)

The Safari Bus travels in between the charming village of Two Harbors and the Airport in the Sky.  It also makes stops at the Little Harbor Campground.  Depending on the season, there are generally 1-2 scheduled trips per day each way.  Please make reservations in advance.  You will also want to make sure that you coordinate the bus schedule with your method of transportation on or off the island. 

For reservations, pricing, and schedules, please call (310) 510-2800 (Reservations Phone Line - Santa Catalina Island Company) or (310) 510-4205 (Visitors Services in Two Harbors).

Tour Vehicles

There are several guided tours you may choose from to visit the Airport in the Sky and DC-3 Gifts & Grill.  Some of these tours stop in for just a few minutes, some stop in long enough for a meal and a walk through the Nature Center.  Please make sure to allow yourself enough time to stop in our gift shop for that perfect souvenir or t-shirt.

Catalina Island Conservancy - Jeep Eco Tours

Discovery Tours - Inland Motor Expedition, Skyline Drive, and Cape Canyon Tour

Adventure Tours - Inside Adventure Tour

Catalina Transportation Services - Private Tours



Flying In

Flying into the Airport is easy.  We use "right traffic" for Runway 22 for landing and announce on Unicom - 122.7.  The landing fee is $25.  Overnight tie-downs are $15.    Consider joining the Catalina Aero Club and land for free all year!  Guests may only land and take-off during regular operating hours:

Winter Hours of Operation:  October 15th - April 14th:  8am - 5pm

Summer Hours of Operation:  April 15th - October 14th:  8am - 7pm*

*THE RUNWAY IS CLOSED FOR REPAIRS, AND WILL REOPEN MAY 3rd, 2019 at  3 p.m. to the flying public.

If you are planning on flying in and will require ground transportation upon arrival, please contact the Tower prior to take-off at (310) 510-0143.  They can assist you with available shuttle times and any additional questions you may have.  For the Airport's Automated Weather Update information, call (310) 510-9641.

General Flight Information